Hi Ladies, and thanks for visiting my site!


I hope you enjoy my music which I have written and composed just for us women!


It's sometimes hard to feel good about ourselves with the daily bombardment of all the false images of perfection we women constantly face. The message of my music is simple...let's stand together and inspire one another with our individual talents. It's time to share those things we have always felt we were good at, but have put on hold while we tended to more pressing things. 


My dream happens to be writing music, performing, and designing things. Yours might be painting, volunteer teaching, learning to sail or opening your own flower shop! The important thing is for us not to feel like we are losing sight of ourselves.  Let's not view time as a door closing on us, but rather as an opportunity to rediscover ourselves, our abilities and our dreams.  Whether you are an empty nester, divorced, an over 30's mother who seems never to have time for herself or you're just feeling a lack of purpose - please download my songs! And then turn up the volume and take a drive! Or dance in the kitchen and sing wildly as they play! Listen as you garden or let them energize you as you walk or exercise!  This is my gift to you. I've worked long and hard writing, composing and producing my songs, but it was well worth it!  And I hope you receive them with the same love and camaraderie as I put into them. :)


Much Love and Respect,

 Laurie D


You're listening now to my single "I'm A Woman" - Click the Music button at the top of any page to purchase and instantly download!

(use earphones for proper sound and remember to always check computer volumes before putting any headset to your ears) 


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