What People Are Saying:

"Laurie D - She's redefining Everyday Women!" Cynthia Smith, 65

"Wow! What a Refreshing New Artist! Great Melodies and Lyrics written Just for Us Women! I Love My New CD!"     Lynelle D'Aquila, 32 

"It's About Time Someone Thought of Us and the Kind Of Songs we would Like! Finally, Music and Lyrics I Can Relate To!"         Diane DeShane, 44


Hey Ladies!

These days it seems like almost everyone has their own kind of music except for millions of us women. Well, not any more because I've just changed that! I have written all my songs with uplifting music and lyrics because I understand what it's like to be a woman in today's society of "false perfection" that can often make us feel badly about ourselves.


My songs are not "perfect". I intentionally kept a few flaws in them because that's my message - none of us is perfect! And we shouldn't feel we need to be :) Please enjoy my single, "I'm A Woman" playing now. And click the "MUSIC" button at the top of any page to purchase and instantly download your selected songs!

 Laurie D





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